Music has the ability to take us back to memorable moments in our lives”

The modern world can be frightening and disjointed place to those with memory issues. Music enables those who struggle to live in the ‘now’ to remember treasured past times.

The Reminiscence Radio Show aims to give reassurance, comfort and a sense of security. Its programmes use well-known music specially curated for people with short-term memory loss to rekindle old memories.

The concept was devised by Michael Ivatt, an experienced radio producer who recognised the need to create a sense of calm for people with memory loss. His parents were relatively elderly and would often refer back to the cultural music of their youth. With the help of Rosie Winn, the Reminiscence Radio Show was born. Rosie has spent time in care homes, visiting a close relative with dementia. As vintage music fans, they could see the benefit of bringing music of past-times into care homes.

The programmes can be streamed online and are produced in chronological order from the 1930s to the 1970s. The shows are created to enable carers to learn about the music of other eras and develop conversation with the residents.

■    Available free to community radio stations and online

■    For use by families, carehomes and anyone who loves vintage music

■    Using well-known artists and songs from the US and UK, to create a carefully curated safe, reassuring place for those who prefer times past

■    Helps create understanding between generations and between the cared for and the caregiver through music

■    Therapy to reduce anxiety and reinforcing listener’s emotional timelines

■    Quizzes for each programme to spark conversation between listeners and carers

Disclaimer: The Reminiscence Radio Show is PRS compliant, with all rights paid through Mixcloud, the streaming platform.